Get in touch to discuss your requirements further...

Favourite pieces of music? 

Want to create something really YOUnique and special!


Let me know your requirements and we can go from there.


Dance routines can be choreographed specifically for the occasion- whatever that may be!

£50 per (1 hour) private

ZUMBA-fitness class


£50 per (1 hour)

African style Dance party  


£70 per ( 1 hour 30 mins )

Ready to go 'DeBarge' Celebration Dance Party Ready to go 'Time Of My Life' Dance Party


£80 per (1 hour 30 mins)

Personalised choreo session with theme and music of your choice

£80 per (2 hour)

Private Burlesque workshop 


Venue hire and additional extras such as travel expense/time of instruction etc need to be taken into consideration when finalizing a price.  


  • EMERGE DANCE Burlesque workshops/parties are designed to be accessible, empowering, fabulously fun, tongue in cheek experiences for women (of all ages, shapes and sizes)


  • Whether you want to just try something FUN, boost self-confidence, create a better body image, improve your posture or learn a new life skill these playful, expressive, classic Burlesque classes are a great way of doing so.


  • These sessions will wake you up to releasing your inner show girl as you practice and get to grips with a variety of elements including walks,  glove, boa, floor and chair work.


  • In addition to developing your own unique persona throughout the session you will perhaps, if you haven’t already come to know your own unique stage name.


  • This session will culminate in the rehearsing of a pre-choreographed routine (no nudity) to performance standard where you and your fellow burlesque artists in the making will then have the opportunity to film/photograph your memories.                               


  • You and your party will leave feeling confident, glamorous, very feminine and with lots to laugh and wink about!.

Bespoke parties made to order. 

Great for birthdays, hen do's,

end of year celebrations and events!


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